837102-02-03 eng

837102 02 03 1

PLATFORM/WEDGE SANDALS BEIGE/BLACK 837102/02-03 Striking women’s sandals with wide leopard print straps are crafted from filled nylon. The model with a round open toe is complemented by a black wear-resistant sole with cushioning and a convenient Velcro closure. Previous Next Specification

837102/05-05 eng

837102 05 05 1

PLATFORM/WEDGE SANDALS green 837102/05-05 Bright monochrome women’s sandals will be the main feature of the summer look. Crafted from green high-tech leather, this model features soft, voluminous crossover straps. The sandals feature a shock-absorbing tractor sole and an adjustable Velcro ankle strap. Previous Next Specification

837261-02-05 eng

837261 02 05 1 1

PLATFORM/WEDGE SANDALS LILAC 837102/05-05 Soft women’s sandals crafted from fashionable terry velor for all-day comfort. The lilac model is complemented by three comfortable Velcro fasteners on the straps and a shock-absorbing tractor sole. Previous Next Specification

837221/02-01 eng

837221 02 01 1

sneakers LEAD 837221/02-01 Acid futuristic sneakers will be the main focus of your image. Crafted from light green textile and high-tech leather, it features a durable, lightweight cushioning outsole. Previous Next Specification

837186/05-01 eng

837186 05 01 1

PLATFORM SNEAKERS pink 837186/05-01 Pastel platform sneakers with double lacing and color block design will make your look unique. Made from mesh and high-tech leather, it features a comfortable, cushioned midsole. Sneakers are made in pink and gray tones. Previous Next Specification

837188/02-03W eng

837188 02 03 1

PLATFORM/WEDGE SANDALS pink 837188/02-03W Trendy transparent sandals on a high platform will appeal to self-confident girls. The model with pink piping is complemented by two Velcro fasteners and a tractor sole with cushioning. Previous Next Specification

837102/08-07 eng

837102 08 07 1

PLATFORM/WEDGE SANDALS green 837102/08-07 Trendy women’s green velvet sandals will make you the center of attention. Designed with two wide criss-cross straps, it features a wear-resistant cushioned sole and a comfortable Velcro ankle closure. Previous Next Specification

837170/09-01 eng

837170 09 01 1

sneakers beige 837170/09-01 Women’s pastel sneakers with a paneled design will highlight your impeccable taste. The stylish model is made of high-tech beige leather with a textile lining and decorated with gray and pink accents. Tractor platform with cushioning completes the look. Previous Next Specification

837958/01-05 eng

837958 01 05 1

BEACH SHOES green 837958/01-05 Original beach clogs are a real find for holidays. Monochrome green model with voluminous textured embossing is complemented by a comfortable shock-absorbing sole. Previous Next Specification

837168-05-01 eng

837168 05 01 1

sneakers HAKI 837168/05-01 Gray-green men’s sneakers with contrasting orange and black accents will appeal to those who love to be in the spotlight. Textile-lined model with perforations for better breathability. A loop on the heel allows you to quickly put on shoes. A durable, cushioned outsole completes the look. Previous Next Specification