We’ve already told you about the main shoe trends of this summer, but you should know that bags are an essential part of your look, as is the cherry in your cocktail.
Bum bags, PVC bags or wicker bags are some of our favorites from the designers this summer.
This is not all of trends from our designers! So, let’s see what we our hands can carry, what we can hang from our shoulder or wear around our waist this summer?


Trends fall in and out of fashion, but the classic styles will always remain. With bags there will always be beach bags that fit summer trends year after year.

Beach bags often evoke thoughts of straw baskets and tote bags, in addition to these, we designed beach backpacks, which we love with all our hearts for their spaciousness and universalism.

Whether you’re on the beach or in the city, it is important to place accents into a look to emphasise the style

How to wear: For a beach holiday the most successful ensemble is a shirt dress, linen shorts with a top, a sundress or tunic.

Don’t forget your sunglasses and a pair of comfy shoes!

For a stroll in the city, combine bags with sneakers, gumshoes, pumps or heels.

Dilute your outfit with a classic shirt, blazer or a pair of cropped trousers.


A man’s mind can be a closed book when it comes to women’s bags. KÉDDO designers decided to let some of the secrets out; making the lives of fashion-mongers easier. KÉDDO bags are transparent in some parts so it is easy to find everything what you need.

Despite the fact that the first time people saw such an accessory was in 2010, when Raf Simons’ model walked along the catwalk carrying a plastic bag. They have become the absolute trend of this season.

How to wear: for a walk in the city, combine with jeans, skirts, t-shirts or turtlenecks. If you’re going on a date or a just out with friends, a light sundress and pumps are the best choice for you!


Look! Here it is! There’s something the fashion-mongers of any age love most of all….a big bag! No wonder this accessory is not only a timeless trend but also a must-have item for most girls.

A bag can hold everything; cosmetics, a spare pair of shoes, a passport and a couple of slinky swimsuits.

How to wear: It depends on the occasion you are attending! For the office, we prefer straight jeans or a jumpsuit, with a leather bag, Out walking with friends, we’d go for a dress shirt, midi skirt or linen trousers, a crop top and mules.

Just remember this rule: A huge bag on the shoulder of a petite lady isn’t a great look. Please, remember to choose a bag that is relative to your size.



Another timeless trend is a bag that allows your hands to be free for other things, your phone, or that coffee on the go. They will always be popular because they are very useful, universal and comfortable.

Of course, they are not as spacious as the previous ones, but they are useful for every day. This bag will hold all your daily essentials, for sure!

 How to wear: there are no special fashion rules for this accessory. Celebrities create different looks with bags. Though, you should be aware that for a romantic outfit, use a bag with a chain strap.

 Choose a bag with a belt loop for sport-chic and smart casual styles!

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The Bum Bag is an accessory that helps a million fashion-mongers keep their pockets empty!

While we were all waiting for the summer to arrive, the sharp-witted fashion-mongers were out wearing waist bags over their jackets, coats and trench coats. It was all very cool!

This was never going to be a bag for multiple items, but you will always have space for your smartphone, purse and keys.

How to wear: the minimalist elegant waist bag doesn’t have to be worn around your waistline, it can be the best accessory to complete your look. It’s a great bag to use for a visit to the museum or gallery, or even mooching in the city, while you spend time with your friends.

If you’re not a romantic style person, but you’re a fan of the sports look, you can wear your bum bag with a wide belt and create your next-level outfit; young sport-chic style.

White Bags

Finally, the stereotype from the 2000s that white accessories are only for a wedding is over! You can now include white bags and backpacks in your wardrobe without any doubts!

How to wear: as with black bags and backpacks, white ones are extremely versatile and will fit perfectly into your day to day life, or with an evening outfit.

However, please note, using a white bag to compliment a black outfit is a definite no-no! The best way is to combine your white bag with pastel tones or with additional white accessories, like shoes, sunglasses or a scarf (but not everything together).

The wallet bags

Geometry isn’t ready to give up its place in the top fashion trends, which is why it has continued to join the trend ranks with classics like Bermuda shorts and wallet bags.

The performance of these types of bag can be very different to the cylinders, as all of them share a clear form and hardcover.

How to wear: The more simple the look, the better. This type of bag gives your look a bright accent, even the ones with minimal decoration. For the office or a meeting, it’s the perfect partner to accompany jeans and a turtleneck. For a more formal appointment, you could wear it with a jumpsuit and pumps.

Pouch bag

The pouch bag is another favourite with the city fashion-mongers. It’s actually a variant of the shoulder bag, but instead of the classic bag fastening, there’s a hidden magnet and a drawstring.

How to wear: celebrities are creating cool retro looks with these bags when they attend parties or awards. You can follow their example! The drawstring and tassels give a Country and Western feel to the outfit. Play and create, but don’t forget to add a small straw hat!


The school bag has become an essential piece of kit; providing the wearer with adequate space for a day in the classroom, and to add some personality to their uniform.

With the increasing popularity of this accessory, the quantity of styles is increasing too. There are backpacks for the office, restaurant and gym. To avoid causing outrage, follow these few simple tips:

1. Combine small accessories with a straight knit skirt, any style of jeans, trousers, sneakers, a coat, or even with a cocktail dress!

2. Combine plain backpacks with colourful clothes, and colourful backpacks with plain clothes.

1. Large backpacks usually have decent compartments with smaller pockets for small things. If you’re a romantic person, a light pink or light blue backpack is the best choice for you.

2. Quilted backpacks and styles with rivets are the best combination for skinny jeans, classic coats and lace-up shoes. Though, jeans with a fitted sweater and sneakers, or a long dress with flat shoes are perfect too.

3. Large backpacks work in harmony with loose clothes, sports shoes and any style of jeans.

Men’s backpacks are also universal and comfortable. Suitable for a casual or sporty outfit, whether you’re in the city or out in the sticks; the perfect companion for any trips.

The classic shoulder bags

Fans of classic and business styles will no doubt have traditional bags with square or rectangular handles, and usually a good collection of them!
These bags are the oldest fashion style; a timeless classic, allowing you to carry a snack, a bottle of water along with any other essentials. Take it to a business meeting or out on a date, just don’t forget to take the correct accessories.

How to wear: it’s a basic style, so it will look great with cropped tight-fitting pants or jeans, and a linen blouse or a light dress.

Just add sunglasses to complete the look. You look super fashionable and stylish!

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